(New American Roget's College Thesaurus)
n. prototype, pattern, mock-up; copy, miniature, replica; style, type; mannequin, lay figure; exemplar, paragon. See representation, goodness, form, perfection, imitation, sculpture.
(Roget's IV) n.
1. [A person or thing worthy of imitation]
Syn. paragon, archetype, prototype, exemplar, pattern, paradigm, ideal, role model, beau ideal, good example, shining example, hero, heroine, idol, demigod, saint, epitome, mirror; see also paragon .
2. [Anything that is copied]
Syn. original, example, pattern, standard, precedent, archetype, prototype, type, paradigm, text, guide, design, mold, criterion, rule, touchstone, gauge, ideal, shape, form, specimen, exemplar, principle, basis, sketch, antetype; see also criterion .
3. [A duplicate on a small scale]
Syn. miniature, image, illustration, representation, reduction, statue, statuette, figure, figurine, effigy, idol, mock-up, skeleton, portrait, photograph, relief, print, engraving; see also copy , duplicate .
4. [One who poses professionally]
Syn. poser, sitter, manikin, mannequin; see nude .
Kinds of models include: portrait, artist's, fashion, sculptor's, photographic. Syn.- model refers to a representation made to be copied or, more generally, to any person or thing to be followed or imitated because of excellence, worth, etc.; example suggests that which is presented as a sample, or that which sets a precedent for imitation, whether good or bad; a pattern is a model, guide, plan, etc. to be strictly followed; paradigm can refer to an example that serves as a model, but is uncommon now except in its grammatical sense of an example of a declension or conjugation giving all the inflectional forms of a word; archetype applies to the original pattern serving as the model for all later things of the same kind or to a typical or perfect example of a type; standard refers to something established for use as a rule or a basis of comParison in judging quality, value, etc. v.
1. [To form]
Syn. shape, mold, fashion; see create 2 , form 1 .
2. [To imitate a model]
Syn. copy, trace, duplicate, sketch, reduce, represent, print, die, counterfeit, caricature, parody, burlesque, steal one's stuff*, register*; see also illustrate 1 , paint 1 .
3. [To serve as a model]
Syn. sit, act as model, set an example; see pose 2 .
4. [To demonstrate]
Syn. show, show off, wear, parade, pose in; see also display 1 .
(Roget's 3 Superthesaurus)
1. replica mockup, dummy, prototype, miniature, copy, imitation, facsimile.
ideal standard, exemplar, archetype, pattern, paragon, mold, role model, or artist's model poser, sitter, subject, dummy.
1. fashion shape, mold, design, construct, base, cast.
2. show show off, wear, display, parade.
ideal, standard, exemplary, classic, perfect, archetypal.
ANT.: flawed, imperfect
(Roget's Thesaurus II) I noun 1. A small-scale representation of something: miniature. See SAME. 2. One that is worthy of imitation or duplication: beau ideal, example, exemplar, ideal, mirror, paradigm, pattern, standard. See GOOD. II verb 1. To take as a model or make conform to a model. Also used with on, upon, or after: copy, emulate, follow, imitate, pattern (on, upon, or after). Idioms: follow in the footsteps of, follow suit, follow the example of. See SAME. 2. To give form to by or as if by pressing and kneading: form, mold, shape. See SURFACE. III adjective 1. Having the nature of, constituting, or serving as a type: archetypal, archetypic, archetypical, classic, classical, paradigmatic, prototypal, prototypic, prototypical, quintessential, representative, typic, typical. See SAME, USUAL. 2. Conforming to an ultimate form of perfection or excellence: exemplary, ideal, perfect, supreme. See GOOD.

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